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Google Tag Manager Tutorial for Beginners (+ Free E-Book)

Google Tag Manager is an amazing tool. I’ve been running this blog for almost two years now and 98% of all blog posts are about GTM. It has saved me, my colleagues and my clients so much time that I can’t even imagine how I could live now without it.

Need to add a particular tracking pixel to a website? Not a problem! Want to track submissions of a newly created form? Consider it done. All thanks to a thing called

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Complete Google Tag Manager Data Layer Tutorial

Updated: August 5th, 2018. Data Layer is one of the main Google Tag Manager concepts which ensures maximum flexibility, portability, and ease of implementation. Without it, there would be no variables or triggers in GTM, therefore no tags would be fired. It is what keeps your tag management running properly. It is the key to unlocking Google Tag Manager’s potential.

In this blog, I’ve already published several articles related to this topic but they are pretty much scattered. That’s why I decided to collect

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Google Tag Manager vs Google Analytics: What’s the difference?

Updated: August 2nd, 2018. When I first heard about Google Tag Manager (GTM) in early 2013, I felt a bit confused. At that time I had no idea that tag management was a thing at all, so naturally, I found myself questioning what Google Tag Manager was anyway? What’s the difference between Google Analytics events and GTM events?

And nowadays I actually still notice this trend of confusion among many beginners. In this blog post, I’ll compare Google Tag Manager vs Google Analytics and show you the main

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Is Google Tag Manager Preview Mode Not Working? 15 Quick Ways To Fix It.

Updated: August 1, 2018. Is Google Tag Manager Preview Mode not working? I’m pretty sure we’ve all been there at least once. This issue has caused some serious headache in the very beginning when I started using it. Does this sound familiar to you? – GTM Preview and Debug mode is enabled but does not appear on your website (or appears, but does not function properly). Just don’t rage quit and read the following tips on how to fix Google Tag Manager Preview and Debug

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How to Set Up Ecommerce Tracking with Google Tag Manager: Full Guide

While Google Analytics offers a lot of tracking functionality out of the box (pageviews, sessions, traffic sources, etc.), the real magic begins after implementing custom features, like events or ecommerce tracking. Only then you’ll start seeing what really matters, conversions and/or revenue.

By tracking important interactions, you’ll be able to combine their data with the default GA functionality and see what really drives sales, which traffic sources are more effective than others, etc.

But before you can analyze all of that, a

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How to Install Google Adsense with Google Tag Manager (GDPR ready)

If you run a website and want to earn some beer money (or more, if your traffic is more significant), Google Adsense is one of the options for how to generate some passive income. Once you sign up, generate codes for ad placements and add them to your website.

When a visitor lands on your page (and if he/she is not using adblockers) that piece of code will load an ad/banner. After that banner is displayed/clicked, your account will get some revenue

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Cannot Verify Google Search Console with Google Tag Manager? Read this.

Google Search Console (previously known as Google Webmaster Tools) is a free tool by Google. Among all of its other features, it lets you better understand how people are finding your website through Google’s search. It displays keywords, their volume, click-through-rate, etc. But in order to get access to such data, you need to verify the ownership of that particular website.

For your convenience, there is a whole bunch of options to do that: you can upload an HTML

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99 Things You Can Do with Google Tag Manager

Ah… Good old clickbait. Add a huge number to the title of the popular topic and you’re good to go. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that #54 will shock you and you won’t believe what is in the #72!

Just kidding. All the entries in the list are definitely worth checking out. Pinky promise.

Unless you lived under a rock for the last 5 years, you probably have heard at least something about Google Tag Manager. But if

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Big news: Google Tag Manager Online Course is Coming Soon

Lately, I haven’t been very active. Neither on, nor on GTM Facebook community. And there’s a reason for that: I’m been building my first Google Tag Manager online course! I’m so thrilled to show it to you guys, however, there’s still a lot of tweaking and polishing needed.


Why did I decide to launch a GTM Course?

Well, it feels like the time has come 🙂 I’ve been

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What is Google Tag Manager Noscript?

After you create a new Google Tag Manager container, the interface asks to place two codes on your website, one in the <head> and the after right after the opening <body> tag. But have you ever wondered why are there two codes instead of one?

Usually tracking tools, like Google Analytics, Mixpanel, or others require to place one code on all pages, so how come GTM is different?

In this blog post, I’ll explain what Google Tag Manager Noscript is and why you

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