Angular 2 Interview Questions for Freshers


We are in a very fast evolving web world which comes up with new web paraphernalia every day.Ultimately resulting the expansion in job opportunities, to grab which we face a nip and tuck competition.

In the world of web application development, the Angular is considered to be the new plus ultra among open source JavaScript frameworks.

And, Angular 2 is one among the latest versions of Angular. Angular 2 is the framework to build a large-scale web application with high performance and is very easy to maintain.Due to which it is the top of the heap framework in demand.Companies always want a new stock in the company, be it in business or the staff.

So, companies always look for the best candidate with the acquired knowledge of new concept in the market.Angular 2 framework is adopted by many companies with the upfront of web development.

To corner the market with the new products and applications, a company needs the candidate who can give the company their best and help in the progress of the company. So, if you consider yourself to be acquainted with the knowledge of Angular 2 framework, then get ready for the interview.

Preparing for the Angular2 Interview

Well, the interview never seems easy to anyone, and preparing for one is far tougher than one’s imagination.

But cracking an interview is not an impossible task either, when followed proper strategies and approaches one can hit a home run.

And one cannot be home free overnight, it requires practice and proper planning.

Practice in the sense of acquainting yourself with each and every concept of the framework you will be interviewed about.

There are a lot of websites who can help you with the types of the Angular 2 interview questions asked with their answers too.

So, make use of everything possible to make yourself acknowledged about the framework, especially the basics because sound knowledge of the basics resembles a strong foundation of the subject.

No interviewer prepares a particular set of Questionnaire to interview a candidate, they just randomly pick anything from anywhere to just know the score of your basics.

So, make sure you revise the basics thoroughly from the tutorials or any source available.

Focus on your personality and brush up your knowledge about the Angular 2 framework concepts.

The basic idea of Angular 2 Interview Questions

The whole interview session can be sketched under three categories of Angular 2 Interview Questions, that is the first and foremost one with the basic questions, followed by the second session with the structural questions about the framework and third session with the problem-solving questions.

In the beginning, the interviewer will not try to put in you a tough situation and make you the bundle of nerves, so the start is always with a basic question like what Angular 2 is? or why do we use it? followed by few more basic and common ones.

Later, when you start entering the middle part of the Angular 2 Interview Questions, which is a crucial part of the interview, you will be asked about the functions, keywords and components of the framework.

These Angular 2 Interview Questions are put in front of you with an idea of testing how thoroughly you know about the framework, if you cruise over this session, you are just a few miles away to fly with high colors.

In the end, you are asked the eligibility criterion questions or something that tests your skills, in this session, you face the problem handling questions.

The interviewer will want to know how you react when you encounter a problem and what techniques you use to solve them.

So, basically, you are asked to solve a problem, with certain aspects to know about your problem-solving skills.

Piece of Advice

Don’t fall into the trap that interviewer recruits the one with the “knows everything” attitude, this attitude will rather land you in the deepest issue. Don’t ever try to bluff the interviewer because an interviewer will get to know about your knowledge with just a few Angular 2 Interview Questions that he puts in front of you.

So, be honest and answer only the questions that you know and sit back for the questions you do not know.

This will prove you honest and also may be appreciable too.

You can’t learn all the Angular 2 Interview Questions in just a few days before the interview, so in that case, you just expect your foundation to be correct and sound, in order to show the person on the other end that you acquire the minimum knowledge required for the job you applied and always show the attitude of inquisitiveness.

This will not only help you crack the interview, but also will perk your future career.

Don’t be a last-minute person, because that does nothing other than increasing the unnecessary nervousness.

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