Thursday, July 18

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Introducing GitHub Actions Part-2

The software development process from conception of the idea to writing of code and finally deploying the finished product can be quite tedious at times. You need to handle a variety of things beyond just writing the code. But what if you could take some of this work off your shoulders? Well, this is where Github Actions come in. A new feature recently introduced into Github, Github Actions allow you to automate your workflow by letting Github take care of a number of processes which can be triggered by a variety of events on the platform, be it pushing code, making a release or creating issues among others. What can you do with Github Actions? The possibilities are limitless, you could do anything from: handling continuous integration and deployment (building, testing and deployi...
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Introducing GitHub Actions

It’s a common situation: you create a site and it’s ready to go. It’s all on GitHub. But you’re not really done. You need to set up deployment. You need to set up a process that runs your tests for you and you're not manually running commands all the time. Ideally, every time you push to master, everything runs for you: the tests, the deployment... all in one place. Previously, there were only few options here that could help with that. You could piece together other services, set them up, and integrate them with GitHub. You could also write post-commit hooks, which also help. But now, enter GitHub Actions.   Actions are small bits of code that can be run off of various GitHub events, the the most common of which is pushing to master. But it's not necessarily limited to th...