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Laravel Pagination


Pagination in Laravel

According to Wikipedia Pagination is a process of separating or dividing a document or digital contents into discrete pages.In CORE PHP and other frameworks, paginating records is a painful task. Laravel Pagination provides convenient and easy-to-use database records pagination with the help of Laravel’s paginator which is integrated

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Working with Angular CLI


Exploring Angular Cli and its usage

Angular has grown into an excellent framework over time which is used for the very purpose of developing applications across platforms. With the limited phase of the framework heading to the unlimited phase, you can expect many major features being added to this framework.


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Top features of Laravel Framework


Features of Laravel Framework

    1. Bundles– they provide a modular packaging with bundled features.
    2. Eloquent ORM– ORM means “object-relational mapping”. It is an advanced PHP implementation of the active record pattern. With the help of this, it presents the database table as classes.
    3. Laravel Query builder – it provides more direct access

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Explain Laravel schema ?


The Laravel schema explained

The Laravel schema is used because it provides database agnostic support for creating and manipulating tables across all the Laravel supported database systems. It has a unified API across all these systems. Various manipulations are done in a database table like- creating and dropping tables, adding columns,

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