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Laravel vs Codeigniter : Battle of the Best PHP Frameworks

We all know that both Laravel and CodeIgniter are massively famous among PHP programmers. We always focus on selecting the best Technologies when we are developing a website application. It’s the Challenging task to choose the correct ones between Laravel and Codeigniter. We always confused to choose Best PHP Framework. Here we are going to discuss the battle of the strongest PHP Frameworks Laravel vs Codeigniter.

Both Frameworks have their own Pros and cons, It depends upon your requirements. larval and Codeigniter are similar in many ways. Both Laravel and Codeigniter are highly famous among programmers. But the question is which one is the Best PHP Framework?



CodeIgniter is an open-source PHP framework. It is one of the most popular, easy to use and flexible PHP frameworks available. It is perfect for web applications development with advanced features. CodeIgniter makes a code compact, which makes it fundamentally basic and quick for CodeIgniter developers. furthermore, Codeigniter comes with a rich set of libraries and offers a very simple interface and logical structure to access those libraries.



Laravel is popular and trending PHP Framework with high speed and various module extension. It is a powerful, flexible and well-documented PHP framework. Laravel Framework is an open source framework of PHP. It follows the model view control(MVC) Model.

Laravel offers High-level security. Laravel Framework Supporting Products and Packages. Developing web applications Laravel offers expressive elegant syntax. With Laravel Some of the tasks are commonly performer like Routing, sessions, authentication that made easier.



  • Support for PHP 7

PHP 7 comes with new features with that programmers can enhance the performance of web applications. Both Laravel and Codeigniter support version 7 of PHP. While developing and testing CodeIgniter on PHP 7 Programmers Highlighted the issues faced by them.

  • Eloquent ORM

Laravel enables developers to take advantage of Eloquent ORM. Smooth ORM additionally enables users to interact with databases straightforwardly. Through the particular model of individual database tables.

  • Built-in Modules

Laravel is designed with built-in modularity features. Laravel enables developers to separate a Project into small Modules that can be reused. But when it comes to Codeigniter, It is not designed with built-in Modularity features. To create and maintain Modules in Codeigniter it requires CodeIgniter developers.

  • Support for Database

A database can be any type of both PHP framework support an array of a database. Including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Bi and MongoDB. But CodeIgniter supports a number of database including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, Oriented. Codeigniter supports a high number of the database then Laravel.

  • Database Scheme Development

To simplify Database Migration Codeigniter does not Provide any specific database. Without writing of any complicated code Laravel database features makes it easier for programmers to modify and share the database schema of application.

Be that as it may, with Laravel database skeptic relocations highlights makes it less demanding for software engineers to change and offer the database mapping of the application without composing any unpredictable code.

When it Comes to Battle of Comparison Laravel is Better Framework significantly. Because of the coding pattern which is the most favored for its elegant look and features. Along with this, it also supports robust application development in no time.



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