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5 Secrets of Image-Rich Websites

When was the last time you visited a website with no images?

As web designers, we love adding images to our designs because images are memorable and give us a direct channel of communication to the audience’s brain. Also, images are universal and processed by our brains faster than text. That’s partly why the “story” medium (short-form videos with effects and overlays) and emojis attract engagement.

But something else has also been happening since “web 2.0” came along. The high usage of

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Lazy Load Animal Memes with Intersection Observer

Last week we on the code challenge #7 we delved into lazy loading images for increased performance of web pages. Yet to take the challenge? You can do so here before looking through the spoiler below.

Once completed, you can post your entry in the comment section of the post, post it on twitter and use the hashtag #ScotchChallenge so we can see it, or post it in the #codechallenge channel of

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