Top features of Laravel Framework


Features of Laravel Framework

    1. Bundles– they provide a modular packaging with bundled features.
    2. Eloquent ORM– ORM means “object-relational mapping”. It is an advanced PHP implementation of the active record pattern. With the help of this, it presents the database table as classes.
    3. Laravel Query builder – it provides more direct access to the database. Its query builder provides a set of classes and methods capable of building queries programmatically. It even allows the selectable caching of the results of the queries that have been executed.

<li>Application logic– it is implemented either with the help of controllers or as a part of route declarations.

  1. Reverse routing– it defines the relationship between the link and the routes. The uniform resource identifiers are automatically created with the creation of the links.

These were some of the features of Laravel technology which makes it convenient to use.


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