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[GIVEAWAY] Win a Google Tag Manager Course and 5 Web Analytics Books

It’s been a while since I last posted something on this blog. I’ve been lately working on several things here at Analytics Mania. Over the course of the next several weeks, I’ll give share/show some stuff that has been running through my head lately. Some of them will be visible publicly, others just for email subscribers.

This time, I’d like to share some goodies with my readers (which I have never done before). Who knows, maybe it’s the only time I do it, maybe not 🙂 Time will show. Sorry for such un-analytical vagueness.


Enter the Giveaway below

To get started, you need to complete at least one task from the widget below. That requires entering your full name and email address (which is important in case you win this thing). As for the email subscription (to my mailing list), you will not be automatically subscribed unless you explicitly opt-in. So you’re totally safe here. #GDPR. However, subscribing to a newsletter greatly increases your chances to win (it’s worth 5 points) so consider doing that.

If you’re already a subscriber, that’s totally fine. Subscribe again by entering the email you already use to receive my emails.

If you don’t see the Giveaway widget below (it’s a large one), this means that either your browser’s Privacy extension is blocking Google Tag Manager or you did not agree to functional cookies when you landed on this site. In that case, go to the Giveaways landing page. Keep in mind, that you will get some functional cookies on that landing page.


Click here to enter the Giveaway

Prizes (Total Value of $439)

There is one winner of this giveaway and he/she will win:

A winner will be announced on October 18th, 2018. I will inform the winner via email and also will send all the giveaway participants an email notification informing that they were unfortunate.

You can find more information and rules at the bottom of the Giveaway Widget/Page.Terms and conditions of a giveaway


This is a quick overview (if you want to learn more, just click “Terms & Conditions” link at the bottom of the Giveaway’s widget).

  • In order to enter in the Giveaway, you need to complete at least one task in the Giveaway widget or on the Giveaway page. It can be whatever you choose, post a tweet, subscribe to a newsletter, etc.
  • Every task is worth a different amount of points (a.k.a. Entries). The more entries you complete, the higher chances you have to win.
  • You can refer to a friend this Giveaway and if he/she completes at least one task/entry, you’ll get 3 points. The maximum number of referred friends is 5. If I notice some spam activity, I may reduce this number or disable this option at all.
  • You can start referring this Giveaway to friends after completing at least one other task/entry.
  • I will carefully review winner’s activity and if I notice some spamming, he/she will be disqualified. So be honest.
  • You will get the access to my GTM course pretty soon after I announce a winner (and that winner responds to me).
  • Books will be ordered directly from Amazon. So if you’re living in a location that is not reachable to Amazon, I can give you them as Kindle books. If that is also not an option for you, I will give those books to one of the other Giveaway Participants.


Good Luck!

If you have any questions, feel free to post a comment below or contact me via email julius [at] (or via social media accounts that are listed in the header of this website).

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