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Is Google Tag Manager Preview Mode Not Working? 15 Quick Ways To Fix It.

Updated: August 1, 2018. Is Google Tag Manager Preview Mode not working? I’m pretty sure we’ve all been there at least once. This issue has caused some serious headache in the very beginning when I started using it. Does this sound familiar to you? – GTM Preview and Debug mode is enabled but does not appear on your website (or appears, but does not function properly). Just don’t rage quit and read the following tips on how to fix Google Tag Manager Preview and Debug mode. I’m sure at least one of them will apply to your issue.


#1. GTM snippet is not added to the website

Here’s an example: you asked a developer to follow Tag Manager’s instructions and add container snippet to the website. After some time he completes the task but something’s not right here – Preview and Debug console still does not appear after you enable it. Turns out the snippet was never published to the live version of your website – a developer made a gawky mistake and somehow failed to publish changes.

There are two ways to verify whether GTM snippet implementation:

  • Use Tag Assistant Chrome extension which checks for Google pixels on the page (e.g. Google Analytics, Adwords, Google Tag Manager) and provides real-time feedback.
  • Check website’s source code. Click Ctrl + U (I guess it’s CMD + U for Mac users?) in your browser and look for GTM container code there.


#2. Wrong Container Snippet added to website

Although this tip might sound silly, you should not ignore it. In order to verify, open your GTM account and check the upper right corner of the screen – see GTM container ID?. Compare it with the one which is added to your website’s source code.

Container id

Compare it with the one which is added to your website’s source code. Tag Assistant will help you do that.


#3. You have enabled GTM Preview and Debug mode in the wrong container

The more Google Tag Manager accounts and containers you have, the bigger chance you’ll eventually make this mistake. I have been there more than once and it keeps getting more and more frustrating every time. So do not forget to double-check whether the container is right. You can follow the method described in tip #2.

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