Monday, April 15

Join Scotch's New Community Portal on

We’ve created a new Scotch community on Come on over and join us. We’re just getting started and think this will be a great place to chat.

Join Scotch on Spectrum

Where to Have a Community

We’ve always found that Slack isn’t the best place to have conversations around a specific topic. Things get buried too quickly in a chat room.

We always wanted forums so we could have conversations about

  • tech in general
  • tech news
  • support for articles/courses
  • hang out with like-minded people

If some of you remember, we actually built out forums but they were such a pain to maintain that I dropped them off the face of the Earth.

Why Spectrum?

Spectrum is great because it’s a mashup of forums/chat/Reddit style threads. The other really great part is that you can subscribe to other groups and get a quick view of all your communities.

For instance, I’m subscribed to:

And you can see them all in your Spectrum home page.

Moving Forward

Come in and join us! Start some threads and chat with the Scotch community. Help us test this out so we can see where this could go!



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