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PHP Courses for College in 2017 and 2018

One of the reasons PHP is a good language to teach server side programming with, is because it is relatively easy to setup a PHP environment on each student’s workstation. With free apps like MAMP and WAMP, you can install a fully functional PHP installation with MySQL, Apache and it comes with an easy to use control panel to manage the servers.

With this 1-click install running, students will be able to explore concepts like:

  • web servers
  • database servers
  • http directory and how it impact server side code processing

… And more.

StudioWeb’s interactive PHP courses teach not only the fundamentals of programming, we also have included key project based courses (crud with PHP, PHP tag cloud) that allow students to see PHP used in a real-world programming context.

Teachers benefit from the interactive training in StudioWeb, since the StudioWeb app tracks student performance including:

  • Time on each question
  • Question attempts
  • Right and wrong code attempts

As such, we generate accurate grades by course, chapter and even the lesson – all presented in simple to read tables. This means that teachers will instantly know how well students have grasped each subject.

PHP is a powerful language that students can almost immediately use in the real world to build great web apps. StudioWeb itself is a PHP app, and after 6 years of refinement, our student outcomes just keep getting better and better.

If you are interested in teaching PHP or learning PHP, check out

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