Thursday, July 18

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Build a React To-Do App with React Hooks (No Class Components)

Yes, a to-do app, seems like something we’ve all done in the past. The great thing about a to-do app is that it covers all 4 aspects of CRUD; Create, Read, Update, Delete. As a developer, we need to know CRUD and a to-do app is the best way to start that learning or refresh some of the things we may be a little rusty on. React is the frontend JavaScript library we are going to be using today. Whether you are new to React or are an avid React user, we can all agree on one thing: React is pretty great. We've already done a React To-Do App here, but that was with Class components. Today we will have no Class components by integrating React Hooks, React’s newest upgrade feature. Let’s get started.   React Hooks React is always improving and growing. The latest update is React 1...