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Data Enrichment with MongoDB Stitch

Objectives Here is what we are going to achieve in this tutorial: Firstly, we are going to write a document to MongoDB using MongoDB Stitch. The result in our MongoDB collection will look like this: { "_id": ObjectId("5bb27712dced5f37bebf388c"), "Title":"Guardians of the Galaxy" } Secondly, a trigger will catch this new insertion and start a function. Lastly, this function will call the OMDB external API with the given movie title, fetch data about that movie, and finally enrich our MongoDB document with the data we gathered from this API. This is the final result we expect in our MongoDB collection: { "_id": ObjectId("5bb27712dced5f37bebf388c"), "Title":"Guardians of the Galaxy", "Year":"2014", "Rated":"PG-13", "Released":"01 Aug 2014", ...