Saturday, June 15

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FLIP Animations in React

With a very recent Safari update, Web Animations API (WAAPI) is now supported without a flag in all modern browsers (except IE).  Here’s a handy Pen where you can check which features your browser supports. The WAAPI is a nice way to do animation (that needs to be done in JavaScript) because it’s native — meaning it requires no additional libraries to work. If you’re completely new to WAAPI, here’s a very good introduction by Dan Wilson. One of the most efficient approaches to animation is FLIP. FLIP requires a bit of JavaScript to do its thing. Let’s take a look at the intersection of using the WAAPI, FLIP, and integrating all that into React. But we’ll start without React first, then get to that. FLIP and WAAPI FLIP animations are made much easier by the WAAPI! Quick refresher on FLIP...