Thursday, July 18

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Google Tag Manager

How to Track WIX Pageviews with Google Tag Manager

Earlier this year (February 2018, to be precise) WIX added a built-in support of Google Tag Manager. Finally, their users can without a hassle implement custom tracking techniques that are available in the GTM toolkit. By completing all the necessary steps, your GTM container can be added to all pages of your WIX store. However, there is still one nuance you need to keep in mind in order to properly track such a basic interaction as page views. You see, the problem is that when a visitor navigates from one page to another (of the WIX-hosted website), the page actually does not reload, therefore, all the subsequent page views will not be tracked… unless you continue reading because, in this guide, I’ll show you how to track WIX pageviews with Google Tag Manager. One of my Google Tag M...