Wednesday, July 17

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Making GraphQL Work In WordPress

Headless WordPress seems to be in vogue lately, with many new developments taking place in just the last few weeks. One of the reasons for the explosion in activity is the release of version 1.0 of WPGraphQL, a GraphQL server for WordPress. WPGraphQL provides a GraphQL API: a way to fetch data from, and post data to, a WordPress website. It enables us to decouple the experience of managing our content, which is done via WordPress, from rendering the website, for which we can use the library of the framework of our choice (React, Vue.js, Gatsby, Next.js, or any other). Until recently, WPGraphQL was the only GraphQL server for WordPress. But now another such plugin is available: GraphQL API for WordPress, authored by me. These two plugins serve the same purpose: to provide a GraphQL API...