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Turbocharge your DevOps workflow by incorporating databases changes

Accelerate DevOps Momentum by Incorporating Database Changes

Surveys indicate you’re probably under serious pressure to deploy new releases and application changes at a rapid pace. Many organizations like yours have adopted or are planning to implement DevOps within the next year. But when application updates require Oracle database changes, the DevOps pipeline screeches to a halt.

The traditional Oracle database change management process creates a major bottleneck in the agile DevOps workflow. It’s time for a better approach.

Database, get ready to join the DevOps party!

How can you make your database development more agile and responsive to changes? What if you could bring database development into the DevOps process via Continuous Database Integration? Imagine if you could:

  1. Ensure all the PL/SQL code in your build performs as expected to help prevent defects making their way into production.
  2. Improve your PL/SQL code quality and maintainability with static code reviews based on predefined rule sets to help minimize future rework.
  3. Perform comparisons of your Oracle database configurations, schema objects and table data between source and target databases and be able to synchronize them.
  4. Promote build artifacts into your target environment with minimum effort.

You’d probably be happy bringing one or two of those tasks into DevOps. Now consider how cool it would be to incorporate all four.

Using automation to catch up with app developers

What if you could automate all those critical tasks? The app team wouldn’t have to wait on you anymore – no more bottleneck. You could implement database changes faster than ever and get a whole lot more out of the DevOps process.

DevOps begins to pay off exponentially when database and application teams are aligned and share the same philosophies and processes. Plus, you can achieve higher code quality in application and database deployments, reducing risks of inefficient application performance and downtime.

Your wishes are granted with Toad® DevOps Toolkit.

You can easily boost the velocity of your DevOps pipeline with Toad DevOps Toolkit. It allows you to execute the most important database development and deployment functions in your DevOps workflow without compromising quality, performance or reliability. By executing these key tasks programmatically from your automation server, such as Jenkins, Bamboo or TFS, Toad DevOps Toolkit enables you to integrate Oracle database with your existing DevOps infrastructure.

Easily integrate database into DevOps

With Toad DevOps Toolkit, you overcome the obstacle of creating tests because it automates the process. Unit tests are created in Toad for Oracle Developer Edition and stored in a repository. Through your automated build process, you define the objects to be tested; the tests are executed and results output in the build console.

Code reviews, simplified

Toad DevOps Toolkit also makes it easier to perform static code reviews based on predefined Toad Code Analysis rules and thresholds. The resulting pass/fail notifications, presented inside the build console, indicate whether the code is ready to be deployed.

Compare and sync

From within your automation server, Toad DevOps Toolkit can compare database configurations, schema objects and table data between two databases (such as dev and test). This process will generate a synchronization script which, when executed, updates the target database to match the source database.

Executing deployment scripts

Once you’re satisfied with the database, schema and data synchronization DDL scripts, you can use Toad DevOps Toolkit to execute one or more deployment scripts. You may specify the output type, error options and the location of the script output. And Toad DevOps Toolkit plays well with virtually any continuous integration and continuous delivery tool, including Jenkins, Bamboo and Team Foundation Server.

Ready to boost the velocity of your DevOps pipeline?

Download a 30-day trial of Toad DevOps Toolkit. This powerful solution brings application and database deployment together, making everyone more agile.

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