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Get Started w/ Prisma for Super Simple GraphQL

Almost every week we get to see a new tool or product being released for GraphQL development. Yeah, that's how hot the GraphQL ecosystem is currently is. Today, we'll be looking at one of the tools, which is Prisma. We'll be looking at how to get started with Prisma.   Prerequisites To follow along, this tutorial assumes the following: Node.js and NPM installed on your computer Basic knowledge of GraphQL What's Prisma Prisma is a data layer that turns a database into a GraphQL API. We can look at it as a kind of ORM, but it's much more powerful than traditional ORMs. With Prisma, we get a server (Prisma server) that act as a proxy for our database and a high-performance query engine that runs on the server, which generates actual database queries for us. In additi...