Google Tag Manager Tutorial for Beginners (+ Free E-Book)

Google Tag Manager is an amazing tool. I’ve been running this blog for almost two years now and 98% of all blog posts are about GTM. It has saved me, my colleagues and my clients so much time that I can’t even imagine how I could live now without it.

Need to add a particular tracking pixel to a website? Not a problem! Want to track submissions of a newly created form? Consider it done. All thanks to a thing called Tag Management.

Instead of waiting (for days) for a busy developer to add those tracking codes you could do this by yourself. Even though you will not replace developers 100% (and, in fact, you never should), with Google Tag Manager you (and your team) will become much agiler implementing new marketing campaigns and/or web analytics tracking.

But where should you start? GTM looks like a tank which requires some very specific knowledge and your regular driver’s license won’t help much here. Just like any other tool, GTM has its own learning curve. That’s why I decided to create this Google Tag Manager tutorial for beginners, the first step towards new knowledge and becoming more independent + have more control over your analytics/marketing tracking codes.

Ready? Let’s start.

Brace yourself, this Google Tag Manager tutorial is going to be a lengthy one so make sure you bookmark it. Also, I’ve prepared an e-book containing even more useful information. So feel free to subscribe to Analytics Mania’s newsletter (in the form below) and get that e-book free of charge (P.S. only new subscribers (who enter their email in the form below) will get the email with a link to an e-book. All current Analytics Mania subscribers can get this e-book by clicking the download link in every AM newsletter).

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